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Block Elected Chair of Laminating

Caring for Glass?
Download GANA's document on caring
for today's architectural glass.
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Glass Videos
To view short films on the making of
float glass, laminated glass or flat glass mirror, click here.

Employment Needs
To look for employment, post your
resume or place a job listing online,
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Our Vision

The Glass Association of North America is the leading association serving flat glass manufacturers, fabricators and glazing contractors.

Our Mission
Provide industry leadership and guidance, education and knowledge;
Promote the use of value-added glass and glazing products;
Provide a forum for exchanging information and ideas through its Divisions and membership; and
Provide a unified voice on matters affecting the glass and glazing industry.

Our Values
GANA believes in continuing to maintain a progressive, innovative Association in which professionalism, honesty, and integrity are encouraged and pride in what the Association does and how it does it is paramount.