Technical Software
The following is a list of companies providing computer software programs relating to the glass and glazing industry.

Standards Design Group, Inc. 
3417 73rd Street, Suite K3
Lubbock, TX 79423-1125
Phone: (800) 366-5585
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Window Glass Design - 2004     GANA ENDORSED
GANA endorses the software program “Window Glass Design - 2004” available from Standards Design Group out of Lubbock, Texas. This software allows the user to determine the appropriate type and thickness of glass to meet a specified wind or snow load, in accordance with ASTM E 1300, “Standard Practice for Determining the Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings.” The software performs calculations for editions of ASTM E 1300 published in: 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004. This software now comes in three package sizes depending on the users’ needs.

  • Allows the input of all the pertinent information for a window including, window glass construction, edge support, dimensions, window glass thickness, long and short duration loading, window glass type, and more.
  • Performs calculations for the following window glass types and constructions supported on 1, 2, 3 and 4 sides:
    • Monolithic glass types
      • annealed
      • heat strengthened
      • fully tempered
    • Symmetric and asymmetric laminated glass
      • annealed
      • heat strengthened
      • fully tempered
    • Multiple laminate interlayers (for Standard and Deluxe versions)
      • PVB
      • Saflex ® HP
      • SentryGlass ® Plus
  • Performs calculations for the following window glass types and constructions supported on 4 sides:
    • Non rectangular lite shapes (for Standard and Deluxe versions)
    • Insulating glass units
      • monolithic - monolithic (including all glass types)
      • monolithic - laminated (including all glass types)
      • laminated - laminated (including all glass types)
  • Performs calculations for aspect ratios from 1 to 10 for all window glass types and constructions supported on four sides
  • Selects the appropriate values from the charts and tables and performs the computations specified in ASTM E 1300-94/98/00/02/03/04 and displays the NFL charts in a results window as well as the report.
  • Checks the resistance of the window glass to the loads and informs the designer whether the window glass configuration has sufficient load resistance for the specified loads.
  • Provides center of glass deflection under design loading.
  • When the designer uses annealed monolithic window glass, the program provides an approximate probability of breakage for the first occurrence of the design load.
  • The program offers the designer the option of viewing the factors the program selects in performing the ASTM E1300-98/00/02/03/04 computations.
  • Updating selected input to modify a proposed design is a simple task, allowing for rapid iterations.
  • Includes a calculator to convert load magnitude of a specified time duration to the equivalent load magnitude for a different specified time duration
  • Includes a dimensioned sketch of the glass unit
  • The Standard and Deluxe versions also include:
    • Input of a range of heights or widths or both for multiple results.
    • Provides a multiple glazing input where all lite designs may be entered in one spreadsheet.
    • Will automatically calculate the minimal lite thickness.
    • Calculate Theoretical Load Share Factors according to the work of Chou, Minor and Vallabhan.

Click here to access a trial version of this software or click here for to go directly to the Windows Glass Design calculator.

Blast Resistant Glazing Design for Architectural Applications (BRGD) - This software provides blast resistant glazing designs in single laminated glass or insulating glass fabricated with at least one laminated glass lite.  The user defines a design blast threat to the software in terms of the weight of a hemispherical TNT charge and its standoff distance from the proposed glazing.  The software returns a 60-second equivalent design loading suitable for designing window glass constructions fabricated with laminated glass, recommended nominal thickness designations for single laminated glass or both lites of a double glazed insulating glass units fabricated with one or two laminated glass lites, and the recommended bead size for structural sealant to hold the glazing in its frame during an explosion.

Comprehensive Window Glass Design (CWGD) - This software package performs all the computations from ASTM E 1300 (2000) necessary to design monolithic window glass, laminated window glass, and insulating glass. It reads all the charts and tables in ASTM E 1300 (2000) and determines whether a trial design is adequate.

Comprehensive Window Glass Design Plus (CWGDPLUS) - This software package performs the same computations as does CWDG plus it handles several design situations that go beyond ASTM E 1300. These include design of rectangular window glass supported along two opposite edges, design of rectangular window glass supported along three edges, design of annealed window glass to probabilities of breakage other than 8 lites per thousand, and thick laminated glass.

Wind Loads on Structures According to ASCE 7 (WLS) - This expert software, written by a group of the world's leading wind engineers, takes the effort out of computing wind loads on structures. WLS allows the designer to "build" the building in the software. It reads the ASCE 7-98 wind speed map. It allows the user to enter topographic data consistent with that contained in ASCE 7. It then computes wind loads for the Main Wind Force Resisting System as well as Components and Cladding elements. In contains numerous calculators and information screens.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Windows & Daylighting Group
University of California
1 Cyclontron Road
Berkeley, CA 94720
Website: Software provided free of charge

  • RESFEN - A PC program for calculating the heating/cooling energy use of residential windows

  • WINDOW - A PC program for analyzing window thermal and optical performance

  • THERM - A PC program for analyzing two-dimensional heat transfer through building products

  • Optics5 - A PC program for analyzing optical properties of glazing systems

  • Optical Data Library - Optical data for glazing products used by WINDOW and Optics5

Legal Note - This software list is provided for information purposes only.  GANA does not endorse any of the programs unless otherwise noted, has not reviewed or evaluated them unless endorsed, and therefore does not express any views as to their accuracy, completeness, or suitable for any particular use or application.