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Below are various articles and links of interest in the glass and glazing energy performance arena.

ECO:nomics : Creating Environmental Capital [in Times of Business Uncertainty]

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WSJ CEO Council: How to Build Global Prosperity - Energy and the Environment
After decades of drifting, the U.S. is moving toward a more-coherent energy policy. For the energy industry, that is both a boon and a threat. The broad goals of any new legislation and regulation are clear enough: to cushion the volatility of energy prices and curb greenhouse-gas emissions.
     Posted December 3, 2009

GANA Sends Letter to IECC Committee Members
Letter's purpose is to formally convey industry-wide concern over and opposition to the visible light transmission (VT)/Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratio > 1.5, window to wall ratio < 30% and unjustified U-factor and SHGC requirements proposals.
     Posted October 29, 2009

Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy
By McKinsey Global Energy and Materials
     Posted October 27, 2009

GANA Decorative Division Releases White Paper on LEED
The Decorative Division of GANA has released a white paper on LEED and decorative glazing.  To download this paper, click the link below.
     Posted October 19, 2009

EPA Issues Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule; Monitoring To Begin January 1, 2010
By Svend Brandt-Erichsen, Marten Law Group
On September 22, 2009, EPA released final regulations that require approximately 10,000 facilities to report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually. Covered facilities must begin monitoring January 1, 2010, and file their first annual reports by March 31, 2011. The reporting rule generally applies to facilities that emit more than 25,000 tons of GHG a year, although some sources with lower emissions also will be subject to the rule. EPA estimates that the reporting rule will cover about 85 percent of GHG emissions in the United States.
     Posted October 5, 2009

GANA Climate Change Committee Releases "Views from Flat Glass Industry"
The GANA Climate Change Committee released the following document outlining key viewpoints and issues on climate change legislation from the flat glass industry.
     Posted June 23, 2009

GANA Comments to the Environmental Protection Agency on the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
GANA submitted the following comments to the EPA in response to the Federal Register notice, dated April 10, 2009, 74 Fed. Reg. 16448, soliciting public comments on the proposed regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") to require annual reporting of greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions.
     Posted June 15, 2009

California Air Resources Board (ARB) Glass Manufacturing Sector Survey
ARB staff has mailed out a Glass Manufacturing Sector Survey for owners/operators of three of the glass sectors: container, flat, and fiber glass. The survey and any additional information can be viewed on their website.
     Posted February 25, 2009

GANA Letter to the Environmental Protection Agency
The Clean Air Act (CAA) should not be used to achieve reductions in domestic emissions of greenhouse gas (GHGs).   >>READ MORE
     Posted February 24, 2009

GANA Supports the BIPV Summit
Join key players to grow the Building-Integrated PhotoVoltaic industry at the first ever BIPV business meeting in North America.  >>READ MORE
     Posted February 8, 2009

California Air Resources Board (ARB) Announces Website, ListServ
The California Air Resources Board (ARB), Office of Climate Change, announces the launch of its new Cap-and-Trade web site and listserv, which will provide up-to-date information on the design elements of California's Cap-and-Trade Program and updates on the rulemaking timeline and workshops.

Link to the Cap and Trade web site:

Sign up for the Cap-and-Trade email listserv:

     Posted February 3, 2009

2007 Annual Report for Energy Star
Click here for the cover letter. (341 KB)
Click here for the annual report. (3 MB)
     Posted February 3, 2009