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LiteSentry Corporation
210 County Road 1
P.O. Box 227
Dundas, MN 55019-0227
Phone: 507-645-2600
Fax: 507-262-0064
Contact: Mark Abbott

Website: www.litesentry.com


  • LiteSentry 3Dô Distortion Measurement System
  • LiteSentry Defect Inspection System
  • LiteSentry Mass Measurement System
  • Thickness Sensors

     LiteSentry provides on-line automated machine vision systems for inspection of glass. All LiteSentry systems perform 100% inspection, measuring glass on-line, as it moves through the fabrication process, providing quality data in real-time. Customers report significant gains in quality and throughput resulting from improved process control.

     The LiteSentry 3Dô Distortion Measurement System inspects of optical distortion such as roll wave, edge kink and pocket distortion. The LiteSentry Defect Inspection systems measures scratch / dig defects on the glass and coated surfaces and measures a wide variety of edge and breakout defects. The LiteSentry Mass Measurement System measures size, thickness and coating on glass before it enters a batch-tempering furnace. The system provides closed-loop feedback control to the furnace to automatically set recipes and adjust critical furnace parameters. The LiteSentry Thickness Sensor is a stand-alone device for measuring glass thickness as the glass passes on a conveyor.