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Gardner Glass Products
PO Box 1570
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Phone: (800) 334-7267
Fax: (336) 667-0185
Contact: sales@gardnerglass.com

Website: www.gardnerglass.com


Interior Mirrors
Clear Mirror
     Copper-Free Mirror
     Ultra-Clear (low-iron) Mirror
     Acid Etched Mirrors
     Tinted Mirrors
     Silvered Patterned Glass

Specialty Mirror Products
Contract Framed Mirrors
     Interior Closet Doors
     Solar Mirrors

Founded in 1962 as Gardner Mirror Corporation, Gardner Glass Products is a leader in coatings-on-glass technology. Whether it is a requirement for the near-perfect reflection of our Starphire© ultra-clear mirror, the non-marring practicality of an acid-etched mirror, a large volume project of custom-designed framed mirrors, or the need for specialty solar mirror.....we are a leader in creating beautiful durability on glass. Thick or thin; with complex fabrication or as stock sheets; large volume or loose lites; we strive to serve your mirror needs with the customer service you deserve.

Gardner Glass Products is positioned to serve you with manufacturing locations in NC and TX, as well as with OnGlass Experts stationed in Arizona, Indiana and Virginia. Gardner has also developed a superior back-painted glass product - Dreamwalls Color Glass - to further expand upon your glass needs. Visit www.gardnerglass.com to learn more about our people, our products, and our purpose : “To create the world of your dreams.”