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GCI Industries
13333 Lynam Drive
Omaha, NE 68138
Phone: (800) 345-4248
           (402) 331-6989
Fax: (402) 334-5554
Contact: Patm@gciindustries.com

Website: www.gciindustries.com


  • Liquid Laminate only distributor in entire Midwest region

  • Custom laminate with colors

  • Insulated glass

  • Tempered glass

  • ExecuWall systems glass entrances and walls

  • Glass wholesaler

  • Kawneer products

  • EFCO products

Committed to excellence. Our mission at GCI is to assist our customers to be profitable through the products and services we supply. At GCI, a collaborative cost savings process is available to our customers that entails more than just a low price. GCI strives to be a supplier teamed with the customer, offering a product line that is highest in quality and available with the best possible technical support.

Liquid Laminate! GCI is the only distributor for the entire Midwest region. Our laminated glass can be used in place of traditional safety glass. We use a patented polyester polymer system that is world renowned as the most advanced method for laminating glass of all types. This unique process allows for simplicity in working with numerous glass combinations as well as the ability to create endless opportunities. These possibilities include decorative and colored patterned laminate glass options.

At GCI we bring elegance and style to your office or store front with our ExecuWall line of glass entrances. ExecuWall offers high visibility and beauty without compromising strength and durability. Let our ExecuWall professionals work with you to create a beautiful all glass entrance that fits your style and design. With a wide variety of rails, headers, closers and fitting, ExecuWall can provide an exquisite finished product ready for installation.