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Fenetech, Inc.
1455 Danner Drive
Aurora, OH 44202
Tel:  (330) 995-2830
Fax:  (330) 562-8688
Contact:  Dave Miller, Business Development
              Ron Crowl, President

Website:  www.fenetech.com


The FeneVision® family of software products in your facility will provide:

  • Complete control and visibility of your production from the minute the order is entered until the ordered item is shipped.
  • Flexible production scheduling considering machine capacities and unexpected production problems.
  • Reduction of your work in progress.
  • Instantaneous status of daily production allowing management to be proactive and minimize bottlenecks.
  • Graphical visual feedback at each work cell to production workers, permitting units to be assembled consistently with less rework.
  • Graphical visual feedback dramatically reduces worker training/familiarization time and any dependence on remembering assembly rules.
  • Rejected unit status at any manufacturing cell is known immediately and can be submitted for remake.
  • Barcoding of units and transport carts minimize lost production and increase the utilization of plant assets.
  • Seamless integration with your proven business systems.

Fenetech's vision of the automation future of the fenestration industry is delivered in our FeneVision® family of software products. The FeneVision® family is focused on improving the flow of business to get the job done. Our proven products have enabled our clients to improve productivity and profitability.