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Imaging Sciences, LLC
38174 Willoughby Pkwy.
Willoughby, OH 44094
Phone: (440) 975-9640
Fax: (440) 975-9657
Contact: Geoff Brown

Website: www.imaging-sciences.com


  • Decorative screenprinted film interlayers for laminated glass
  • Photographic-quality digitally imaged film interlayers for laminated glass
  • Contravision one-way vision interlayers
  • Decorative printed window films
  • Graphic design services, custom color matching

Imaging Sciences is a state-of-the-art graphic design and imaging company focused on producing remarkable architectural decorative glass and window film. We utilize multiple graphic imaging technologies and an extensive pigment library to achieve a wide variety of looks and special effects, including pearls, simulated metallics and natural materials, custom colors, fades, iridescents, color-shifting pigments, patterns, and frost densities. With screenprinted interlayers, we can precisely control opacity to fine tune light transmission and diffusion. Rich, saturated colors characterize our high resolution digitally imaged interlayers.

Our one-way vision interlayers and window films display a color or graphic from one side and just a tint from the other. Used in a curtain wall, for example, the building displays a decorative element on the exterior, while the occupant inside has a clear view of the outdoors with no distracting pattern.

Imaging Sciences provides interlayers to laminators as well as finished laminated glass to contractors and glaziers for interior and exterior applications. We work extensively with architects and designers, helping to refine their ideas with our knowledge of glass, light, light transmission, color, and special looks. We can provide design services and make custom samples to zero in on the perfect product. We can also assist with preparing files for imaging, including panel matching and editing the image structure.