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DIP Tech
Atir Yeda 5
Kfar Saba 44643
Phone: 972-97908400
Fax: 972-97908440
Contact: Yariv Ninyo

Website: www.dip-tech.com


  • GlassJet – Digital printer for flat glass decoration using ceramic inks

DIP Tech’s GlassJet is the first industrial direct-on-glass digital printer. It is a versatile flatbed digital printing unit suitable for flat-glass application, complementing the screen-print technology. Its friendly interface and simple operation enable highly profitable single-operator mass production.

GlassJet uses solvent-based ceramic ink, which was jointly developed by DIP Tech and Johnson Matthey. The enamel color range includes black, etch-like, white and many other spot colors which can be mix with each other to generate new color shades.