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PPG Industries
400 Guys Run Road
Cheswick, PA  15024
Phone: 412-820-8500
Contact: Mike Rupert

Website: www.ppg.com


  • Starphire ultra-clear glass
  • SunClean self-cleaning glass
  • Azuria spectrally selective tinted glass
  • Graylite high-performance gray glass
  • Solarbronze tinted glass
  • Atlantica spectrally selective tinted glass
  • Solexia spectrally selective tinted glass
  • Solargray tinted glass
  • Solarcool Azuria reflective tinted glass
  • Solarcool Bronze reflective tinted glass
  • Solarcool Caribia reflective tinted glass
  • Solarcool Gray reflective tinted glass
  • Solarcool Solexia reflective tinted glass
  • Solarcool Graylite reflective tinted glass
  • Sungate 500 low-e glass
  • Solarban 60 solar-control low-e glass
  • Optigray high-performance gray glass
  • Pacifica tinted glass
  • Solarblue tinted glass
  • Sungate 600 low-e glass
  • Solarban 70XL solar-control low-e glass
  • Solarban 72 solar-control low-e glass
  • Solarban R100 solar-control low-e glass
  • Solarban z50 solar-control low-e glass
  • Vistacool reflective glasses

Founded in 1883, Pittsburgh-based PPG is the largest glass manufacturer in North America. The company's glass businesses supply glass for commercial and residential construction markets, products for industrial and specialty applications, as well as automotive, aircraft and other transportation original equipment, and replacement windshields and windows. PPG also is a global producer of coatings, fiber glass and chemicals. Sales in 2011 were US$14.9 billion.