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GANA membership puts you in regular contact with your peers, customers, and suppliers in an environment that develops the understanding that is essential to strong, effective working relations. Join GANA and take advantage of:

Educational Programs

Networking Opportunities

Meetings &Conventions


Membership in the Association is available to any foreign or domestic corporation, individual, or partnership owning or selling equipment; purchasing or processing glass direct from the factory; manufacturing primary or fabricated glass and metal products for commercial distribution; distributing or installing fabricated and/or automotive glass; manufacturing materials, supplies or equipment used in the production of fabricated or automotive glass; or ancillary professions involving the design, specification, use or testing of glass products. 

Annual Dues Structure (by Sales Volume)

      Dues Amount
0 - $999,999 $1,071
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 $1,606
$2,000,000 - $2,999,999 $2,142
$3,000,000 - $14,999,999 $2,703
$15,000,000 - $24,999,999 $3,774
$25,000,000 - $49,999,999 $4,845
$50,000,000 - $99,999,999 $6,936
$100,000,000 - $499,999,999 $8,568
$500,000,000   and up $10,149

Affiliates - $510

Multiple Divisions
Two Divisions - $1,275
Three Divisions - $1,530
Four Divisions - $1,785
Five Divisions - $1,938
Six Divisions - $2,040
Seven Divisions - $2,150

Building Envelope Contractors

The Building Envelope Contractors Division is comprised of glazing contractors with the technical expertise and management skills required to fulfill the more complex and sophisticated glazing products and suppliers to the contract glazing industry..

The Decorative Division is comprised of companies that fabricate decorative glazing products and their suppliers.

The Energy Division is comprised of fabricators of glazing products used in the energy industry and their suppliers.

Flat Glass Manufacturing
The Flat Glass Manufacturing Division is comprised of manufacturers of flat glass and those companies maintaining a float glass plant in North America.

The Insulating Division is comprised of manufacturers of companies that produce insulating glass units, and suppliers of materials used in insulating glass units.

The Laminating Division is comprised of companies that fabricate laminated products for safety, security and sound reduction, and suppliers of materials used to make laminated products..

The Tempering Division is comprised of companies that produce fully tempered and heat-strengthened glass products for the consumer, architectural and automotive markets, and the suppliers of materials used to make tempered products.

The Affiliate Membership is available to individuals within ancillary professions involving the design, specification, use or testing of architectural and automotive glass products.  Affiliate members cannot vote, but will receive membership discounts on educational programs and materials.  Affiliate members include:


Consulting Firms



Test Laboratories

EDUCATION and NETWORKING: Develop and refine your management skills through meetings, seminars and a correspondence course while maintaining the contacts and personal relationships that are so essential to effective networking with peers, suppliers and customers.

GANA Annual Conference

GANA Fall Conference

BEC Conference

GANA Blueprint Reading & Labor Estimating Course

TECHNICAL SERVICES: GANA maintains technical excellence with a strong technical staff and the industry’s leading technical publications. Referenced by government, architects, specification writers, and the industry, these publications provide solid technical support.

GANA Glazing Manual  

GANA Sealant Manual

GANA Engineering Standards Manual

GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual

GANA Fabrication, Erection and Glazing Hours Manual

GANA Tempered Glass Engineering Standards Manual

GANA Fully Tempered Heavy Glass Door and Entrance Systems Design Guide

COMMUNICATION: Timely communication is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. GANA’s newsletter Glass Reflections, its website www.glasswebsite.com, Glass Information Bulletins, Special Bulletins (issued on an as-needed basis), monthly Safety Bulletins and periodic Human Resource Reports all serve to keep members informed.

CODE AND STANDARDS: Have a direct say in building and energy code issues through GANA’s participation in the Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC). Be a part of developing and revising consensus standards and guidelines that directly affect your products. GANA’s General Counsel keeps you up to date on the changes in energy and environmental regulations as well as building code changes and state or federal legislation or regulations that may affect your business.

STAFF SUPPORT: GANA’s staff brings nearly a century of experience to the industry. With meetings, training, technical assistance, communication, technology, and general counsel updates, the staff responds to the needs of GANA members as well as the industry. The result is an ongoing joint effort between the staff and its members to provide you with the best and widest variety of professional services available.

For additional information, contact the GANA office at 785-271-0208 or e-mail gana@glasswebsite.com.  

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